STOP PRESS: The Channel Four to row across Scotland

On Friday 13th September, The Channel Four, embark on their next gruelling rowing challenge for Marie Curie Cancer Care following a six hour, Force 5, slog across the English Channel in 2012.

This time we are raising the bar higher, setting ourselves the goal of rowing right across Scotland. Not possible we hear you say! In fact the Great Glen that runs between Inverness on the east coast and Fort William on the west coast is navigable thanks to four giant lochs, including the formidable Loch Ness, and about 20 miles of the Caledonian canal.

Having rowed 21 miles across the English Channel, this is much bigger task. A row of 60 miles which equates to 24 hours of rowing in a 36 hour period. We’ll also be contending with getting our Scottish skiff rowing boat through 29 locks and crossing Loch Ness which is classed as an ‘inland sea’ and where the ‘sea state’ can reach that now familiar figure of Force 5. And we can tell you that’s not fun.

So, in exactly one month’s time please do wish us luck and in the meantime please do dig deep to make a donation to a brilliant cause, Marie Curie Cancer Care. We will be incredibly grateful for any money you can spare.

The crew, Chris, Dom, Peter and Pete, are taking on this challenge in memory of Chris’ father in law, Martyn, who sadly passed away this April, only 6 weeks after being diagnosed with leukaemia. Martyn was very supportive of our first row, and although he would have thought us mad, would have been right behind us for this one too.

Martyn’s warm and genuine character touched all who knew him, and he gave much of his own time to charitable causes, raising money for the Lions club, the Poppy Appeal and local charities throughout his life.

He was enthusiastic about our cross-Channel row last year and even helped our fundraising effort by collecting donations from his B&B guests in North Wales.

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