Three weeks to go!

With exactly three weeks to go, we’re making the final preparations for the row. The very nice people at Scottish Canals have been helping us out as have the team at Marie Curie. The gym is taking a pounding.

That said we won’t actually be able to make the final arrangements until right before as the direction of the wind will basically dictate which way we row: east to west, or west to east. The plan is to start in Inverness (on the east coast) and finish in Fort William (on the west) but the prevailing wind is westerly. And some days it doesn’t mess around as the Great Glen basically acts as a funnel, channeling the wind hitting the east coast right up into our path. For anyone who has cycled into a strong wind, you’ll know just what a difference that can make.

One of the challenges of long distance rowing as we found crossing the 21 miles of the English Channel is maintaining grip strength (literally being able to hold onto the oar as you row for hour after hour) and toll it takes on your hands. The crew have been focussing on building grip strength (to last the 60 miles) in the gym but this time round we haven’t been able to “grow our own gloves” by spending lots of time on the water. So the chances of blisters are high, particularly given the extra distance. Sadly, as far as we know, they don’t make rubber oars.

We’re doing the row for Marie Curie Cancer Care and if you’d to sponsor us, we and they would be incredibly grateful. Our sponsorship page is Big thank you!

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