The final countdown

With just two days to go, we’re well and truly into the final countdown. Tomorrow, the crew start the long drive up to Ullapool to pick up the boat and then it’s back to Fort William for the start. The row has actually been a year in the making, and what with everything from tracking a suitable boat down in the first place to taking VHF radio courses, to getting the ropes and fenders needed to get a boat through a lock, to all the hours in the gym, it’s been one logistical rollercoaster.

And once we get to Scotland, the fun continues. That’s why we’re incredibly lucky to have some fantastic support in the form of Suze and Joe.

Suze, our cox
Suze is Peter F’s better (sensible) half. She started rowing at University in Bristol, and has 10 years’ experience of bashing up and down rivers in boats across the UK. Having never quite achieved lightweight, she’s stoked to now be coxing, but apologises to the crew in advance for the extra ballast. She figures steering on the Tideway in London for the past 5 years in all sorts of weather, successfully avoiding any collisions with pleasure cruisers, barges, kayaks and shopping trollies is good enough preparation for the Scotland crossing.

Driver Joe
Joe J is our driver and will be manfully towing (with the help of a car) 20 foot of trailer and a quarter of a tonne of rowing boat around the curly roads of Scotland to get us to the start, get the boat out of the water for the night, and out again in Inverness. He’ll also be keeping tabs on us as we go and will no doubt have a steaming mug of tea ready when we finish for the evening, right Joe? He’s well qualified having towed boats around as a scuba diver. Let’s hope he doesn’t have to don his frogman suit to fish us out.

Big thank you to both.

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