The team

They mean well…

Chris Baxter

Chris, father of two, has a tendency to spot a challenge which ‘can’t be that difficult’, whether it’s rebuilding half his house or, now, rowing across The Channel.  Chris’ dubious athletic abilities were honed during countless laps around the school sports field rather than wasting time playing football, rugby or cricket.

Before rowing the English Channel in 2102, Chris’ rowing experience was limited to a family outing in the early 1980s which resulted in the boat grounding.  A canoe trip in France also resulted in Chris being rescued by a passing pedalo – “a low point”.  Chris says his rowing technique sets him “apart from his crewmates, typically half a stroke apart”.

Dominic Burnett

Dominic works in the fast-paced, office-based world of finance, but nevertheless describes himself as an ideal candidate being a Cornishman and “strong in the arm but thick in the head”.  Dom is building on a solid core of athletic ability laid down many years ago through cycling and walking expeditions and since given a very healthy rest period.  Having completed a sailing course in the summer of 2011 he is no stranger to the open waters, but he’s never really seen the point in using oars.  Crossing the Channel made him see otherwise.

Dominic once had to abandon an inflatable dinghy metres from the shore because he couldn’t operate the oars.  At a solid 6 foot 3 inches, the rest of the team is hoping he’ll “pull it out the bag” once in the Highlands.

Pete Chalkley

Having also grown up in Cornwall, Pete has always had a love of the open water.  Never one to pluck up the courage to say no, in 2009 he completed Tough Guy resulting in him entering a near-hypothermic state for several hours.  Keep him out of the water and he’ll be fine.  Pete is taking swimming lessons.


Peter Frings

Peter is a true Californian making him eternally optimistic and is also the closest the team has to the ‘Governator’ in build.  Fortunately for Peter, he has a very sensible wife who would have stopped him taking on the challenge if it was too dangerous.

Peter is still living on past glories of being a University Rower for Berkeley but avoids doing any tests on the rowing machine for fear of seeing how far he has fallen. It must also be noted that rowing a skiff is a very different experience from rowing in a racing shell so that while the medium is the same Peter is out of his depth. Peter also does not particularly like water so staying in the boat is a priority.


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